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Plastic packaging for vertical farms

Shepherd Enters the Vertical Farm Packaging Business

Here at Shepherd Thermoforming, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of packaging innovation. That’s why, when approached by a large company to handle their vertical farm packaging, we went all in.

What are Vertical Farms?

For those that are unaware, vertical farms essentially operate as year-round farming facilities, normally housed within large industrial warehouses. Using state-of-the art technology and processes, these farms are able to grow produce very quickly and efficiently. The “vertical” in vertical farms comes from stacking the growing areas in vertical layers therefore saving space.

You can commonly find vertical farms in challenging climates. For example, most farmers in Canada are only able to farm during select seasons in the year. As a result, they miss out on many months of opportunity due to our harsh winters. Recently, Goodleaf Farms reached out to Shepherd Thermoforming to help develop a germination tray. Since their process is highly automated, we needed to ensure quality and standards were up to standard. After an initial trial run and testing, we have received some great feedback.


vertical farm packaging
vertical farm packaging germination tray

Vertical Farm Packaging for Goodleaf Farms


At Shepherd Thermoforming, we have built a reputation as the thermoforming industry experts. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we have worked with many companies within the horticultural space.

The initial project that Goodleaf Farm reached out to us about was their germination trays. In addition to these trays, we saw that there was an opportunity to develop their plastic clamshells for their microgreens as well. Vertical farm packaging is very similar to any other form of packaging. You want to make sure that your product stands out on the shelf when compared to competitors.

Goodleaf Farms is establishing itself as a premium supplier of produce. As such, they needed a package to reflect the same level of quality.


goodleaf farms microgreen packaging
goodleaf farms microgreen packaging


Our Process

When any new client approaches us, it’s really important for us to get a better sense of their business. That’s why, we had the senior management team of both companies sit down and come up with an action plan.

Once we had an idea of what Goodleaf wanted to do, we brought in our engineering team to develop designs that would best optimize these trays. Because their process is automated, we wanted to ensure that drainage holes would be placed in specific areas to reduce added variables. Traditional germination trays burn holes into place, which may not always be in the same area every time.

Our process of thermoforming them in alleviated the need to burn these holes and provided better optimization for their engineers and Farm Managers.


The Shepherd Promise

A big part of our success has been to treat all new queries the same. Whether you’re a multinational organization or a local business, we promise to treat you and your project with the same level of care.

We’re in the business of developing long-lasting relationships and have been known to retain clients for decades at a time. If you are looking for packaging or have any questions surrounding vertical farm packaging or thermoforming in general, do contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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