Thermoforming 101 Seminar: Innovative Packaging
The Thermoforming 101 Seminar brings together our senior management team to provide businesses with solutions that increase ROI.

Thermoforming 101 Seminar: Innovative Packaging

Shepherd Thermoforming is proud to announce that our next Thermoforming 101 seminar is open for registration!

Join us on Thursday, November 16th from 10 AM to 2 PM to get an in-depth look into the world of plastic packaging. Above all, you’ll meet our senior management and sales team to have all technical and sales related questions answered.

Thermoforming 101 Seminar

First and foremost, we will begin with introductions and light snacks at 10 AM.
Second, Simon Mangos, our Technical Sales lead will go through innovative packaging solutions for businesses until 12 PM.
We will then break for lunch.
Finally, we will provide a guided tour of our facility from 1 PM – 2 PM.

What will be covered

This thermoforming 101 seminar is meant to be informative and provide a better understanding of the thermoforming process. We will go through the development process from design all the way through to production.

Some highlights of the event include innovative packaging solutions for businesses. We will speak about some past projects that presented unique challenges that needed to be overcome. This includes our award winning design for Bee-O-Sphere. We developed a honey combed plastic package that reduced labor and material costs while increasing ROI. This project entered and won a Dupont Silver Award for manufacturing.

Lastly, we will invite all attendees for a guided tour of our 45,000 SQFT facility. Located minutes away from the Garden Inn, our HQ houses our design, engineering, sales and production teams. As such, you’ll get the opportunity to see first-hand how plastic packaging for products such as yours is made.

Our Value

In our 30 years of experience, we’ve worked with a lot of companies. From small businesses to large corporations, we have experience in finding solutions for businesses of all sizes. As a result, we have built a reputation as problem solvers. In fact, we often receive referrals from competitors and suppliers to take on difficult projects.

A big part of our success and growth has been the support of our staff. We treat employees like family and clients as friends. That’s why we tailor our approach specifically to each client and customize a strategy and solution for each new project.


Register for the Innovative Packaging Seminar

For more information or to register for the seminar, please click here.

Or, contact us via email at or call us at 905-459-4545.

Hope to see you there.

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