We have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients to meet their needs for thermoformed plastic trays. Whether it’s gold insert trays for high-end chocolate companies, plastic trays designed to protect scalpels for the medical field, or a simple pastry tray, our team treats every project with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence to ensure both you and your customers are completely satisfied.

Food Grade Trays

 Our SQF certification allow us to develop food-grade thermoformed trays. This means that we can package your chocolate truffles, herbs and all other products that could suit thermoforming.

Sustainable Materials

We also provide our clients the option of using sustainable packaging solutions. Our RPET material is made from up to 60% recycled plastics. To read more about our sustainable efforts click here.

Lindt Chocolate

With our SQF certification, we are elated to have so many great brands come to us for their thermoforming plastic needs.
Another customer that is a leader in the international chocolate market is Lindt. This particular project needed a thinner film at the bottom of the chocolate casing and a sturdier, ribbed plastic mold on the ribbed plastic flange.


We understand that brands have their unique style guidelines that their products and packaging has to adhere to.
As such, we ensured that our toothpaste tray for Colgate met their overall design aesthetic and functioned to specifications by holding three “Spongebob Squarepants” themed toothpastes firmly in place for display at retail locations.