Thermoforming plastics opens the doors for a wide variety of applications. Aside from the standard products that we customize for our clients, we also get approached by businesses looking for a one-off solution for their product. No matter what the problem may be, if thermoforming is a viable option, here at Shepherd Thermoforming, we will deliver a solution.

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Foot Brace

In our over 30 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of specialized client requests.
In some cases, these clients are looking to move on from a previous supplier or method. Such was the case with a specialized foot brace which was previously produced offshore via injection moulding. Our client wanted to bring the project to a local supplier who could provide a more reasonable piece-price without sacrificing quality.
Shepherd Thermoforming provided a solution that checked all the client’s boxes and we secured the deal, bringing this project back to the Great White North.



When Malibu rum approached us with their “Light Cubes” project, we were excited to be a part of the implementation of their new reusable ice cube activation.
Malibu wanted a plastic fitting that would house their signature Malibu bottle, and utilize a practical implementation to secure their light cubes (reusable ice cubes powered by LED lights). The final product implemented a foldable flap within the plastic that held all three products in place securely and adhered with the Malibu brand guidelines.


The construction industry is a booming market with a multitude of products and applications especially with in-home renovations. Whether it’s a new construction or a remodel of an existing building, flooring is a key component of any home.
DRICore approached us to find a customized solution for subfloor levelling that was effective and to the DRICore standard. We delivered a thin-gauge, stackable product that was breathable, cost-efficient and is used by DRICore to help level floors across the nation.