#SalesForLife with Jamie Shanks
Shepherd thermoforming at sales for life.

#SalesForLife with Jamie Shanks

Shepherd Thermoforming just concluded its most profitable year-to-date.

We have been in business for over thirty years and have grown into a company that always puts its clients first. Originating in a small office, our focus has been to deliver quality product to deadline and within budget. This philosophy helped us grow from that small four-roomed space into a 45,000 square foot facility that serves as an all-in-one packaging solution for businesses.

To bring our sales process into the age of social media, members of our management team spent an evening with Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life. Jamie and his team have a great track record of helping sales people and companies develop stronger relationships with clients through the use of social media selling tools.

Leveraging LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms

Social media is a forum traditionally dominated by pictures of food, cats, and … more cats. Jamie’s approach to utilizing mediums such as LinkedIn was a refreshing perspective into how we can better interact with and promote our services to our current and prospective clients.

With his help, we are hoping to build upon an already very successful year and build the foundation of continued growth for the coming years. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jamie and his team for their hospitality, for sharing their knowledge and for providing us with copies of his book Social Selling Mastery.


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