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innovative packaging for bee-o-sphere

Case Study: Bee-O-Sphere

As a custom plastics manufacturer, we come across various projects that require innovative packaging solutions. One of our most memorable clients to work with was the team at Bee-o-Sphere. After devoting years to studying bee behaviour in relation to comb honey packaging, owner and president, Andreas Sperlich approached us for a unique solution to his business.


Bee-O-Sphere wanted a practical solution that would replicate a natural honey comb within a bee farm. So we get our team together, had a chat with Andreas and used his expertise in bee behaviour to come up with a product.

Understanding the Need

Whenever we take on a prospective client, we like to ensure that the business relationship is transparent and symbiotic. We like to start off with an open conversation about the business, the need and potential application to help determine if Shepherd Thermoforming will be a good fit.

To better understand the Bee-O-Sphere project, we had to get a better understanding of its application. We all know that bees make honey. However, the process of collecting nectar and processing it into honey may not be common knowledge. Andres filled us in on what the industry is currently doing and where he saw a potential for growth. Right now, beekeepers use boards, hive boxes, frames and foundation to harvest honey from their hives. Furthermore, farmers cut harvested honey individually for packaging. As a result, it takes extra time and effort to take it from harvest to package.


Developing a Solution

Like any project, we took the information from Andreas and began working on a game plan. First, our designers came up with a solution that let bees harvest their honey inside the plastic packaging itself. Secondly, we replicated the “honey comb” design and added that into our packaging as well.

As a SQF Certified Custom Thermoformer, we were able to develop the packaging using food-grade plastic materials. So when we received the go ahead from Andreas, our team was ready to finally help realize the idea and bring it into production.

Impact of Innovative Packaging

By developing an innovative packaging solution for Bee-O-Sphere, we were able to:

  • Fit a standard half frame
  • Cut down on handling time from traditional hand cut combed honey
  • Replace the need for wax foundation
  • Increase profit potential for smaller packages

Our food-grade P.E.T. plastic packaging provides the space for honey bees to build their comb honey directly into the packaging. As a result, we eliminated the need for comb cutting. This innovation allows for packs to be separated from the frame after the bees have filled the cavities with their honey. The frame holds about four pounds of honey and is light weight, using only end tabs.

Award Winning Plastic Packaging Design

After completion of this project, it was submitted to the annual Dupont Awards for plastic packaging.

Simply receiving recognition in the form of an entry is a great honour. However, becoming a finalist and eventually winning a Silver Award is an even greater accomplishment, and one that we achieved.

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