Food Grade Packaging – SQF Certified

Shepherd Thermoforming is a SQF certified plastics manufacturer developing food grade packaging for businesses of all sizes.

We applied for and achieved certification in 2015 and are qualified to manufacture direct food contact plastics. In addition to our SQF certification, we are also a fully integrated ISO 9001:2015 company.

Essentially, these certifications let us develop food grade packaging for a much wider client base. For example, our client base includes everything from large-scale edible companies to those in more niche markets.

A Food-Grade Plastic Innovation for the Honey Industry

We actually won a Dupont Award for a bee-hive frame container that we developed for our client, Bee-o-Sphere.

The startup company (at the time) needed a solution to replace conventional wooden beehive frames. The team at Bee-o-Sphere wanted to develop packaging that still had the feel of a traditional honeycomb. In order to develop this, our in-house design team created a design that would have divots resembling the hexagons found in natural combs. Once the tray was approved, we developed a lid that fit securely to the pre-cut sections of the frame. The bees would then fill these with natural honey and the package would be secure for storage and transport.