Heat sealed blister packaging is still a large portion of our business today. Using a blister pack for your product provides a cost-effective solution, however, bear in mind that it would still require a heat sealing machine.

We can help you through the process of selecting equipment as well as recommending proper blister card material and adhesive. We have over 25 years in creating custom plastic blister packages, and it is always important to note and understand the heat-seal process and the effect that it has on blisters to ensure that your product is packaged and functions to satisfaction.


Blister packaging applications that are heat sealed are best used to provide a simple, clean and easily digestible display piece for your company’s product.
Here at Shepherd Thermoforming, we have had the opportunity to develop thermoformed solutions for small companies as well as enterprise businesses. Our plastic packaging for Advil Cold & Sinus Plus provided a snug fit for the pill bottle and was heat sealed to allow for an easy open.



Our blister pack for Playtex Replacement Valves was a simple and effective means for product display in a retail setting.
As a powerhouse in the latex product market, we wanted to provide a solution that would keep up with the continuous demand of such a successful enterprise. With an on-site factory that runs 24 x 5 we are proud of our ability to reduce lead times and increase ROI for our clients.

Your Potential Project

Custom blister packaging is a practical and effective form of displaying your product in a retail environment. At Shepherd Thermoforming, we have over 30 years of experience in forming blister packaging solutions for our clients.
Whether you’re in the early or late stages of your product cycle, rest assured that we have the team and skills required to take any project from concept to production in relatively short lead cycles.