What we do

Almost every job starts with a CAD drawing that is generated by our engineering staff from information provided by the customer. This detailed design will include all the features to satisfy the customer’s production process and market requirements.

On receiving approval of the design, we will build a prototype mold and create a number of physical samples to help the customer see what the final production piece will look like. This will also allow the opportunity to make any minor changes and do market trials which may be necessary before the project goes to mass production.

By handling the project entirely in-house we are able to give more concrete timelines, provide a faster turn around and resolve problems as they arise, ultimately helping you generate the greatest return on your investment.

All shipments of Thermoformed plastic packaging from Shepherd will arrive in the customers plant with the assurance that it was produced under the strict guidelines of the Safe Quality Food and ISO certifications that Shepherd rigorously maintains.

Our History

Our humble beginnings date back to 1984 when Barry Shepherd, at the age of 39 and after years in the packaging and corrugated box business, set up shop as a manufacturer’s agent.

Barry and his wife Denise were committed to client satisfaction and that, together with their honest approach to conducting business led to rapid growth. They quickly grew to over a dozen employees and the tiny office space grew to what is now a modern 45,000 square foot fully integrated manufacturing facility that provides design, prototyping and medium to high volume production to the most sought-after clients.

On August of 2007 Barry and Denise passed the leadership responsibilities over to their sons. Todd with his engineering and sales abilities, took over as President and Mark became Vice President utilizing his degree. Under their management, Shepherd Thermoforming has continued to grow and includes a heavy gauge thermoforming department which produces large parts from materials too thick to run on the roll fed machines.

The company underwent a rigorous application process to attain the Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification while maintaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification quality standard which makes Shepherd one of the most qualified manufacturers of plastic packaging in Canada. These standards are regularly audited and provide our food customers with the assurance they need over the long term and for the life of their product.

For over 30 years the Shepherd family has maintained a close relationship with customers and employees. Their respect for others is engrained in the company and has been since those early days in the tiny sales office when Barry was visualizing what his family has achieved today – a fully integrated manufacturing company with excellent credentials and a reputation to back it up.

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  • Barry and Denise Shepherd rented out a small office space and created Shepherd Packaging.

  • Moved to 2,000 SQ FT facility in Mississauga.

  • Implemented our first computer system for order processing.

  • Introduced our first in-house thermoforming machine to the facility.

  • Transitioned to a larger, 6,000 SQ. FT facility at 396 Clarence Street in Brampton

  • Incorporated Shepherd Plastics Inc. to manage heavy gauge plastic forming.

  • Created an in-house technical department for designing, tooling and prototyping.

  • Moved into our current 45,000 SQFT facility at 5 Abacus Road in Brampton.

  • Todd Shepherd and Mark Shepherd take over as President and Vice President, respectively of Shepherd Thermoforming and Packaging Inc.

  • Added a new high-performance OMG machine into our production lines.