Every great idea starts somewhere. Whether you just have a concept in mind, a sketch laid out on a piece of paper or a CAD drawing, our team is ready to help bring it to life.

We have considerable experience in helping our client’s refine their vision and translate it into a working design through our in-house team of designers.


In order to begin this refinement process, we will look to get a better idea of how your product functions, its dimensions and any other details that are essential for development.

Once we have these, we will have our design team create a CAD drawing that will be presented for your approval.


Tool & Prototype

By having a better understanding of your product, its application and the drawing in hand, the next step is to develop a prototype tool to form physical samples of what you want to create.


The final step in your product’s packaging journey is production. Our manufacturing division has processed nearly 400 Million custom thermoformed products over the past five years.

We have extensive experience working with both thin and heavy gauge plastic parts. With a 24 x 5 operational schedule, we can complete your orders to deadline, in a cost-effective manner and to your exact specifications.

shortbread lidded tray