Need to Protect and Transport Goods?

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Car_Parts_Manufacturers_Production_ProblemAlmost every manufactured part must travel from point A to point B. Sometimes it is to the other side of the plant and other times it is to the other side of the world.  Shepherd gets many requests to solve the problem of transporting products safely and in a fixed orientation.  In this example we had a major challenge to hold these automotive front bumpers in the correct orientation without marking the class A finish during shipping to the next operation.

Material handling trays and pallets are just one part of Shepherds’ custom thermoforming business. Our fully integrated design and tool making department can solve any product handling problem from very small electronic assemblies to large automotive parts.

Integration of part design, prototypes, tool making and production makes Shepherd Thermoforming and Packaging your “go to” company for material handling – we are not just packaging!

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