Need the Maytag man for Thermoforming?

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Maytag ManWe all know that this is the Maytag repairman who doesn’t get any work because the Maytag washers don’t need service. Well, that’s how we feel at Shepherd Thermoforming because our customers are seeing how we can produce trays that last. Here is what our sales rep in New York State, Chris Spiegel, says when asked by a customer to reduce cost of the current shipping tray.

“The trays, used for a medical product, had a short life with cracking and sharp corners. This created a safety issue with operators at the medical manufacturer and with their customer. Shepherd offered a more durable tray with improved design and material eliminating the issues with sharp edges. This allowed them to show significant savings to their customer. The numbers tell the story! ACCENTURE tRAY (1 of 1)In 2011, 38,100 trays were used for this program. The Shepherd tray was less expensive and of a higher quality. The higher quality allowed the trays to be reused many more cycles than the previous version. In the last 15 months, only 17,000 trays have been purchased. This is 50% less waste and more than 50% less cost compared to 2011. Between the cost savings and the reduced quantity required, the medical manufacturer has saved over $100,000.

This is the Maytag repairman problem, but the medical manufacturing operation reassures me there will be more opportunity going forward as they consolidate packaging at different facilities.”

Let Shepherd Thermoforming help reduce your costs with high quality, returnable trays and pallets.  Contact Chris Spiegel in the upstate New York area, or contact us.


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