Toronto Recycles Clamshells and Trays

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This ad appeared in the nation news paper, the Globe and Mail this week.

This ad appeared in the nation news paper, the Globe and Mail this week.

The City of Toronto is pushing hard to get all thermoformed plastic packaging into the blue recycling bin. Until September of this year only bottles were being accepted. Shepherd Thermoforming is a major user of recycled PET for production of new clamshell and tray packaging and has been a proponent of the expansion of the municipal recycling programs to include other products. New developments spearheaded by the Canadian grocery retail industry, along with advancements in recycling and sorting technology, have removed the obstacles to recycling these plastic materials such as ‘clamshell’ containers, clear fruit and vegetables containers, etc. Other municipalities should soon follow suit. The Toronto website “” lists the following items to be included in blue bin recycling.

– Clamshell containers (hinged, clear plastic containers used for food items such as berries and take-out)
– Clear fruit and vegetable containers
– Clear take-out food containers
– Moulded bakery item trays
– Plastic plates and glasses
– Egg cartons
– Cold beverage cups/lids
– Compact disk cases (empty)

Shepherd congratulates the city on its leadership in environmental stewardship.

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