Another Employee Turned Entrepreneur

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Chris Cook

Chris Cook

Seems our technique for running a business and sharing this with employees has created a trend.   For the 3rd time one of our employees has started his own business.  This time our sales manager Chris Cook has started a home improvements business in Barrie.  During our last get together with Chris, he left us with this:

“Worked 5yrs 8 mos (275 wks)
Drove 75,000 business kms.
Made about 2,700 trips back and forth to work for a total of 150,000kms.

We processed about 800 quotes this year, and overall I have had a hand
in about 2,500, of which we’ve built something like
200 -300 new tools?

More importantly, we had about 875 pizza lunches in your office.  (Chris and I love pizza!!!)
I bought around 3,000 large teas from Tim Hortons.

All kidding aside, I also worked with 40 or so really great people !”

All of us at Shepherd have best wishes for him.  Over the last 5+years we have all marvelled at Chris’s home improvement projects.  We could hear the pride and enjoyment he got out of doing this.  It’s great to see him doing something he really loves.   Chris will be missed by all of us at Shepherd but know we will probably see him for our own home improvement projects in the future. Simon Mangos & myself (Todd Shepherd) will be filling the void left by Chris and you should hear from one of us shortly.  If you need some home improvements, you can contact Chris at 705.309.5533 or  His website is

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