Continuous Improvement Team Increase Efficiency

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Over the last 3 years we have been battling with material price increases and ways to nullify them.  I recall noting on past price increase letters that we were working on ways to negate the price increase for our customers.  I am proud that our employees have been successful with this over the last couple years and in a recent meeting a client commended our sales representative in our achievement.  A couple of months ago we heard rumblings that more increases were imminent, and that the level of these increases were going to be impossible to absorb.

In a CI team meeting I threw out the topic of ”What’s keeping us from running faster ?”.  I know from my production background that there is no easy answer and every job has different needs that trigger a cap on the run speed.  Our team worked on the challenge for a couple of months trying to find ways to reduce cycle times and have made great strides in trying to think out side of the box.  We have done some Kaizen events and have been working on (SMED) for die change over, but haven’t focused much on efficiency.  After some unusual discussions and letting everyone table some concepts, a team member came up with an idea (details to remain undisclosed for obvious reasons).  This lead to some trials that were very successful at reducing cycle times.  We’re still early in the implementation of the CI teams’ solutions, however there is now a feeling of confidence from our employees that we have a sustainable solution at hand.

Congratulations to the CI team and on behalf of all our employees and customers, thanks for the great work!

Continuous Improvement Team

Shepherd Continuous Improvement Team

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