Shepherd Community Contribution with Seminar/Tour for Humber Students

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Chris Cook Seminar Picture

Last week Chris Cook put on a seminar (Thermoforming 101) and a plant tour for some local students at Humber College.  The students brought in samples of projects they had been working on.  It was great to see what they had created with the lab equipment and limited tools available to them.  Thermoforming often looks simple but presents challenges with even the simplest projects.  Seeing the students try to form some complex parts was intriguing and we encouraged the students to continue their efforts.  Too often we industry experts get focused on trying to fit projects into the neat box and could be missing opportunities.  The students projects certainly do not get held back by this aspect.

The students were engaged by Chris’s discussion and had some interesting questions about materials and, as expected, the recycling issues faced by the industry.  We discussed the future of the industry and recycling before  touring the engineering and production departments, and taking the time to interact with the students line side and discuss what the equipment or employees were doing along the way.

Shepherd Thermoforming and Packaging Inc. thanks professor Bert Bobrovniczky and the students of Humber for taking the time to learn about the thermoforming industry.

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