SPI & NAPCOR Start Recycling Programs for Thermoformed Materials

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Bottle recycling

Recycling bottles

I read recently that SPI and the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) announced that three United States recycling operators have been selected to receive grants toward establishing model programs for collection and intermediate processing of PET thermoformed packaging.  This is a great start and something desperately needed by the plastics industry.

It’s discouraging to see the plastic bottles and thermoforms treated as worthless garbage knowing that there is a growing need in the plastics industry to recycle them.  In the past the economics were difficult for recycling plastics like these, however in the last year the growing uses for recycled PET has greatly increased demand and pricing.

Growned up pop bottles mixing with virgin flake

Ground up pop bottles mixing with virgin flake

As the recycling stream for pulp becomes more and more sparse due to diminishing print media, the need to re-use resources such as thermoformed packaging will gain momentum……especially now that the economics are starting to make sense.

Interested in knowing how many bottles we saved from the land fill?  Then visit our Materials Page of our website.

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