10 Years with Shepherd

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Brenda Silveira of Shepherd Thermoforming

Brenda Silveira of Shepherd Thermoforming

I recall reading somewhere that an employee only stays with an employer on average about 5 years.  Always found that odd, since in our world we seem to find quite the opposite.  Shepherd currently has 12 employees with over 10 years of service with the company (over one quarter of the staff).  At this time every year we honor those that have made a long term commitment to the company by recognizing them in a staff meeting.

Brenda Silveira completed her 10 year with the company last year.  Most of you reading this will probably know of her due to her work in customer service.   Her career at Shepherd has been doing just that (customer service).   Brenda’s dedication and knowledge of the business has given her decision making abilities that most customer service staff would long for.   Her ability to weigh customer needs and balance the company goals has made her well known with our customers and staff.  I could add a long list of customer testimonials to back this up.  Co-workers would give her the same accolades.   Not an easy task when your representing the company when talking to the customer, then having to represent the customers needs with co-workers.  Brenda has adapted the “I want to sleep at night” to working with everyone, she tells it like it is, not as you want to hear it.  I think this is what helps everyone…..knowing that what she’s told you (good or bad) is information that you can make a solid decision with.

I think I speak for all of us in looking forward to many more years of working with Brenda.  Congratulations and thank you for the last 10 years!

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