Containers returning to China are not completely empty!

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Part shipping off-shore

Part Shipping Off-shore

With all the talk about losing manufacturing to off-shore, it’s nice to get a job that could have been produce off-shore.  Recently we designed and produced a tray for a customer where the product (being put in the tray) is manufactured in Hong Kong.  The customers high tech part required packaging that would protect it and keep it stable throughout the shipping process to North America.

Our team was able to create a tray satisfying the client’s concerns and accomplish it in a cost effective manner.  The tray is designed to be formed consistently from run to run insuring the customers high tech parts will land in North America protected by the tray.  Another notable was that the shipping cost to Hong Kong was remarkably lower than importing to North America due to so many empty containers being returned to Hong Kong.  The customer is now confident that his products will remain in good condition throughout the shipping process.

Chalk up one more for North American manufacturing!

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