Graphics Canada Show at Toronto International Center

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Contour Printing Thermoformed Package

Contour Printing Thermoformed Package

Last week I attended the Toronto Graphics show and a couple of seminars.  Interested in learning more about graphics and printing in general for our new Contour Packaging project (latest development picture on right).   The show seemed to be well attended with many of the vendors being from the sign or large print industry.  Our focus is more on web printing, however I did learn more about the industry and its current state.

The print industry is struggling due to the market moving to the internet.  Examples were noted like brochures to websites, flyer’s to email blasts etc….  However the one area that the speakers did agree will continue with growth is Packaging.   One of the Professors speaking on the future of printing mentioned for the printing industry to survive it needs to latch on to partners, one of those printers has partnered with us for the Contour Packaging project.   The professor carried on by mentioning the huge decline in manufacturing in Canada (I recall noting the current sales figure being about half of what it was in 2006).  Print has certainly taken a huge hit and there market focus seems to be directed towards packaging.  Especially food packaging, one of only two markets that have not had declining sales.

Look for more updates on our Contour Printing project in future blogs.  Our progress with the technology is gaining a lot of excitement with our vendor partners and staff.

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