Shepherd Sustainability Program

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In 2009 we took the initiative to implement an energy saving retrofit project, focusing on both electrical and water consumption. Look what we achieve with only $3000 out of pocket incurred!
Phase One – Production Floor Lighting: First step was to replace some of our existing metal halide 400 W and florescent T12 style units used in the production areas with new T8 and T5 energy efficient lighting. The result has been a savings of 13,765 kWh over the first year.
Phase Two – Water Consumption Our manufacturing process uses cooling water to control the temperature of our form tools, as well as the drive chain mechanisms on our machines. Each of these processes requires that the cooling water be maintained at different temperature ranges. Previously these two systems shared the same system, which resulted in a higher quantity of fresh water being consumed, along with more waste water being released into the city sewer system. An internal water audit was conducted which determined that operating separate chiller units on closed loop systems for each process would offer the greatest reduction in water usage. After implementing the above changes, we have managed to reduce our water consumption and waste water volume by more than 35 per cent from previous years (from 35,000 ltrs down to roughly 22,000 ltrs per day). As a reference – if a standard toilet is left running continuously, it will consume 1,000,000 liters over a 90 day period – that amounts to 11,111 ltrs per 24 hours !
Phase Three – Office Lighting Next step will be retrofitting the office lighting with new, more energy efficient units that are calculated to save another 3,420 kWh annually.


The bulk of this has been accomplished by employee’s of Shepherd.  This is great achievement and we’ll continue working with our employee’s to find more projects.
Shepherd Thermoforming production area

Shepherd Thermoforming production area

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