SPE 20TH Annual Thermoforming Conference

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Last week was the Society of Plastic Engineer‘s annual thermoforming conference.  It was well attended and as usual the seminars offered some new innovations and techniques that will create opportunities for Shepherd and our customers.  Below are some interesting general notes from the conference.

– Plastic packaging accounts for 4% of Co2 emissions, vehicles 50%, homes 25%.

– Only 4% of land fills is Plastic packaging, its just considered unnecessary thus creating the misconception of it being an excessive amount.

– An expert panel had some good ideas for competing with offshore competitors.  One was using your location to your advantage for communicate with the customer.  By you knowing and understanding the products needs puts you in a better position for refining your pricing.

– Pennsylvania College now has thermoforming graduates.  www.pct.edu

SPE/PTI demo of extruder

– IML (in mould labeling) launched about 10 years ago, didn’t take off in North America, however it has taken hold in Europe.  It is not doing as well in North America due to large bed machines and the cost of the IML (large bed) machines.  This creates a good opportunity for our Contour printing to bridge this gap.

– The conference was in Chicago and offered a tour of a local tool texturing shop and a demonstration of PTI’s latest RPET extruder (picture to the right).
The next thermoforming division conference will be the 8th European Thermoforming Conference April 26 – April 27, 2012 in Venice, Italy.

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