Food Packaging Fast to Market

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Food Packaging (1 of 1)Low cost tooling for thermoformed packaging that gets your new food product on the shelves fast.

You have a great new food product that requires unique packaging to sell it to its full potential.

Your budget for start up is limited but you cannot sacrifice the impact that a high quality package design will have on the sales results of your product.

Faced with an introduction date issued by your customer, you must have a steady flow of packaging within a few weeks in order to meet sales forecasts.

SQFShepherd Thermoforming will take your project through the design, sample, tooling and production stages faster and cheaper than those big thermoformers. Not only that, you will deal only with Shepherd for all stages of development. Shepherd can provide you with the security of SQF(Safe Quality Food) certification (full certification expected by Spring of 2015) that you and your customers need to be assured of safe quality food packaging.

How can we do this:
Over 30 years Shepherd has matured to become one of the most respected thermoformers of thin (and heavy) gauge packaging using tooling that is designed and built in-house on in-line machines that do not require expensive tooling. Now we are growing into the food packaging market by investing heavily in SQF certification and production improvements.

The largest thermoforming companies are interested in selling millions of pounds of plastic. If you can wait months and pay over one hundred thousand dollars for tooling then we would suggest you contact them. However, should you also call Shepherd, you may be surprised at what we can do.

Have a project or question, contact Simon Mangos at 905-459-4545 ext. 233 or

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